Contamination is a real issue in dispensaries. The owner of the dispensary that I worked at knowingly dispensed marijuana that he claimed was organic and lab tested to his patients. I advised him of contaminated bud and the two managers before me also did the same. Generally we dreaded advising him because he would argue with us and try to justify what we were showing him by claiming that it wasn’t mold at all but THC crystals or that we couldn’t tell mold from trichomes. Since I was pre-med in college and had to take advanced chemistry and microbiology classes, I beg to differ. It was very hard for us to efficiently manage the business because of his constant micromanaging and interference. It wasn’t unusual for us to mark the plastic bag with the tainted bud with magic marker on the outside that said MOLDY DO NOT SELL! on the bag. The owner would wait until my day off and instruct the other worker to grind up the moldy product, give it to our joint roller (who I might add was a chemo patient) and have them packaged up in jars for sale. The previous managers and myself did everything in our power including hiding the contaminated marijuana from him. Since we were constantly being filmed, we usually only marginally successful.

I was only involved with one dispensary, so I can not speak for other establishments. WE had a few thousand patients. I do know for a fact that the person that took over my position does not medicate with medical marijuana as the previous managers and I did, so if there is contamination the only effect it would have on him is inhaling the mold during the bottling process. I feel very badly for anyone who goes there an may get mold, e-coli or pesticides in their marijuana, but unfortunately the owner is not someone that I would go head to head with as he has connections that could prove detrimental to anyone who challenges him or their families.

One bright star on the horizon is the fact that there is a device/app that is soon to be launched that can protect patients (especially with compromised immune systems) as well as users who live in states that have not legalized cannabis. It is called MyDx. It is presented by CDx Life. I encourage anyone who reads this to check out their campaign. If you don’t want to fund or pre-order, that’s fine. Just educate yourself and share with anyone who you know is medicating and has a compromised immune system.

Check it out! Click her for campaign and full rundown of device. This is an amazing concept that needs to reach fruition. I can’t say enough about how stoked I am that someone has designed this. Although there are labs that test cannabis, you do not know what kind of contamination will happen to the product prior to being presented to the patient!

I have also created a Facebook page connected to my personal page to inform people about contaminated food, water, air and cannabis. Like it and follow if you want updated information.  MyDx Facebook Page.

Check it out and let me know what you think!