This blog is designed to help medical marijuana patients with figuring out what strains work best for their particular medical condition.  It was one thing when we would just light up a joint and go to a party or a concert. It really doesn’t matter that much what strain you partake in if you are planning to be in a social situation.  Unless…you have social anxiety.  One interesting thing about cannabis is that it can effect two people completely different.  I think that you will see this phenomenon more in the cannabis world than you do with alcohol or pills.  Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone has different tolerances to marijuana, alcohol and pills.  I for one, can barely take a valium without passing out.  When I ingest half of a low dose valium, I have about 5 minutes before may legs go out from underneath me.  However, I can smoke most people under the table.  I wouldn’t say the same thing about concentrates though.  Could it be because I am 3/8ths Native American?  It’s possible.  Native Americans have mitrochondria that is considered in some realms as ancient.  Or, is it simply a matter of natural tolerance?  Another confusing factor, it’s become very scientific with all of the testing.  I managed a legal medical marijuana dispensary that sent out marijuana for testing as soon as testing was offered.  As someone who has over 30 years of medicating with marijuana under my belt, I would say I disagree with a lot of the tests results.  We found that we could send numerous samples of the same bud (from the same pound) and we would get results that were all over the place.  So, for now, I think other than testing for molds and pesticides, patients should count on the expert bud tenders that most collectives have. If the staff of the collective does not know what to treat you with, don’t bother to try to find out, or just flat out lie to you…FIND ANOTHER ONE.  Get recommendations from other patients you may know, or go to the collective’s website or the web to see what kind of praise or complaints they have.  Hint:  If you check these regularly, do not refresh right when you go on.  A lot of dispensary owners will remove or have negative comments removed.  If you read first, you will see these if they have been changed since the last time you were on, then you can refresh and see the new postings.  There are some wonderful dispensaries and collectives out there that really care about the patients and want to educate others.  Then there are some that are in it for profit, treat their staff like slaves and purchase marijuana that has hair, mold and insects packaged in the pound.  You definitely don’t want any of that medication, especially if you have a compromised immunity.